We created a blended approach rooted in play to nurture the whole child. Beginning with an emergent curriculum, children are gradually exposed to components and best practices from progressive curriculums like Reggio Emilia, and Pedagogy of Play. We encourage self-directed play to give children the opportunity to hone decision-making and planning skills. Curriculum is co-constructed with the children and their emergent ideas and interests guide our topics of investigation.

We believe in building a loving and supporting community. We are committed to be engaged and involved in the child's everyday learning where they can enjoy a welcoming, loving, and rich environment in which children can live, grow, play, discover, develop, dream, and learn.

Pedagogy And Approach

Our unique combination of an academically challenging, emotionally supportive, and creatively stimulating environment and activities provides our students with a solid foundation for the future.

We use our daily practices for our practical life skills, and sensorial activities. Our Hands-on project-based activities offer children an engaging and interactive way to follow the Spanish narrative and connect it with what their little hands are doing. This includes science experiments, gardening, cooking, arts and crafts.

We also value the Child-led and team communication approach followed by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Children will enjoy the benefit of having their environment serve as The Third Teacher. They will express themselves through "drawings, sculpting, dramatic play, writing, and painting." This is often referred to as learning through’ The Hundred languages. We will document your child’s school journey through pictures, videos, and portfolios. Everything we do is enriched through a lens of global and community awareness and cultural sensitivity. At Elizabeth's Daycare and Preschool we embrace diversity, heritage and celebrate our differences. Our small ratio allows us to truly support each child’s emotional, physical, and cognitive needs.

Bilingual Learning

Why is it important to learn a second language as a child?

Our society is influenced by a rich diversity of cultures. By giving your child the gift of learning a second language, you are giving them the keys of understanding and appreciation for the differences in all cultures. Spanish is the second most naively-spoken language in the world and is an official language on four continents.

The ability of a child to pick up a second language easier than an adult is subject to much debate and studies. The focus should not be so much on whether it is easier at a given age but that, as a child, the distractions of the world may not be as great and the early years are a great opportunity for immersion. Our program is bilingual (English/Spanish) and children are exposed to spontaneous conversation, words and phrases that are repeated during the day. Songs, stories and words in print are all incorporated into the bilingual program.

Faculty Members/Admins

Elizabeth Yanez

(Mrs. Elizabeth)

Daycare Provider

East Arlington Location

Hola! My name is Elizabeth Yanez.

I'm Originally from Lima, Peru. I earned a degree in (Educacion Temprana "Inicial") Early Education from Universidad San Mertin De Porres before moving to Boston. After Moving to Boston, I became an educator and a businesswoman. Driven by my love for working with children, I graduated from UCB with an Early Childhood Education degree. I am a licensed family daycare provider as well as a daycare center director.

After more than 15 years working in Early Childhood Education, I was thrilled when the opportunity to open Elizabeth's daycare in East Arlington in 2006. As a mother, as well as an educator I was driven to create a unique family-centered school tailored to each child needs. From my experience raising my children, I understand how important it is to have quality childcare that nurtures the child's development and fit each family's lifestyle. My family and I have had our doors open for children of all ages for many years now. 

Elizabeth Noguera

(Ms. Liz )

Daycare Provider

Arlington Heights Location

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Noguera. I was born in Lima, Peru and raised in Arlington. I moved to Boston when I was five years old. I am a mother of two girls, Audrey and Margery.

I began my journey early, at 15 years old my high school elective was preschool at AHS. Which this elective I experienced and learned a lot about Early Childhood Ed. I grew a lot of love and cared for the children I supervised. From these experiences, I knew I wanted to major in Early Childhood Education. After gaining over four years of experience, I joined Elizabeth's Daycare in 2009 as a teacher. After many years of working with my mother, Elizabeth Yanez, We decided to expand our program to our community.

I joined Urban College in 2014, where I found my second home and graduated with high honors in Early Childhood Education. My accomplishments have motivated me to continue my education in Early Childhood Education, and I am currently pursuing my masters.

Edwin Cristobal

(Mr. Ed)

Daycare Provider

 Arlington Heights Location

My career as child care provider/teacher started in 2006 alongside with my wife Elizabeth Yanez. We are a registered in-home daycare, run by a husband and wife. With over 15 years of combined experience we have decided its time to expand our program! Our passion for children started when we had our first daughter. After a few years we had our second and third daughter and that when we open our door to many families in 2006 and it has grown over the years.

I am a professional carpinter and a general contractor. I had the pleasure to build Elizabeth's Daycare in East Arlington and Elizabeth's Daycare and Preschool Center at Schouler Ct. I believe in providing best care for children and that is including designing and building a facility specifically for children. I am a father and grandfather of two granddaughters. I now run the second floor Arlington Heights Location.

Angelina Cristobal 

(Ms. Angy)

Desk Assistant/Admins Support

Hi, my name is Angelina (Ms. Angy). I have always worked with children in various ways such as helping my mom and dad Elizabeth and Edwin in their  in-home daycares, at the Center (EDPC), and weekend babysitting. It has always been my passion. I love seeing children learn new things and the excitement that it brings. I am currently attending Arlington High School and one of my elective is Preschool for the Menotomy program.

I have two wonderful nieces. The oldest is a full of spunk, and funny little girl. My youngest niece is super smiley and loves rock and roll. My family and I love to be outdoors, camping, taking walks, swimming or playing sports. I love sewing, reading, and scrap book whenever I can make the time. Each year I make a bucket list of things I want to do. Basically full of fall activities because I love the fall!

My hours are 3:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. If you have any questions please feel free to come and see me!

Why Us?

  • Caring and Clean environment
  • Safe and Secure
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English)
  • Supervised at all times
  • Organic Food
  • Educationally focused
  • Licensed
  • Insured 

Food USDA Organic Approved 

  • Homemade breakfast
  • Nutritional morning snack
  • Homemade lunches
  • Nutritional afternoon snacks

We meet and exceed all safety guidelines.

Classroom Teachers/Assistants

Small ratios are an important part of quality childcare, that’s why at Elizabeth's daycare the providers works with two assistants. Children are divided into same age groups to offer appropriate age activities, babies, toddlers and preschoolers have their own areas to play in.The childcare assistants are pediatric CPR trained, have experience working with children, and training in early childhood education.