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My name is Lianna Swanson and my 2 year old son Damian Swanson has been attending Elizabeth's Daycare since March of 2008.Throughout his tenure at the day care, I've had no complaints and no incidents. Elizabeth gives me a detailed account of his activities during the day, including meals and nap time. She also keeps me updated about up to date caretaker licenses and safety training (such as CPR & First Aid). Any issue or concern I have regarding his time in day care is addressed in a helpful, non-confrontational and reassuring manner. I feel comfortable communicating with my day care provider and confident that any question will be solved to my satisfaction. Above all, my son is healthy and happy in the daycare.

Lianna Swanson


We have been with Elizabeth's Day care for 2 year 1/2. We are very happy with our day care. Its is very important to us that the instructions that we provided on our daughter's care are followed. Elizabeth always follows our instructions and provides our daughter with the love and care that are so integral when you have your child enrolled in a full time day care. Also, physical activity and learning are also important to us. Every day there must be hours of playtime and learning so that our child can develop and have fun. Our daughter is doing wonderfully both in her physical and educational development. Elizabeth's Day care and staff love our child like she is their own. My husband and I are very grateful to have found Elizabeth and hope that she and her family continue to do the great work they do.

I am happy to be a reference for any new parents looking into day care!

Erica Capozzi


My daughter Lola was enrolled at Elizabeth's day care from September 2006 to July 2008, between the ages of 5 months to 2.4 years. I was always satisfied with the level of care that Lola received from Elizabeth and her staff. Lola enjoyed playing music, reading book, drawing pictures and playing outside in a safe environment.

Most of all, Lola loved to go to day care and got very attached to Elizabeth and her staff and for our family, learning Spanish was an additional incentive to sing her up. Now Lola is big enough to go to preschool but she will keep found memories of her early experience outside of home.

Ariane Blondin


Since september 2007, my Daughter Nahia Daguerre has been attending Elizabeth's day care. She was 5 months old when she started with Elizabeth, her husband & staff and has been well taken care of. When we drop her offmoring, she is smiling and goes right into the arms of Elizabeth with happiness. when we pick her up in the afternoon, she looks joyful and does not show signs of boredom. We believe that she spends quality time in the care of Elizabeth. She is developing very well and is friendly child. We think that her time at the daycare is helping her in her social abilities. She makes contact easily with everybody and is able to take initiative. When Nahia needs to take a medication or needs a special treatment of any sort, Elizabeth is doing her best to meet our demands. when Nahia was having aggravated diaper rashes, Elizabeth would clean her with a soft cloth and water and apply ccream every time. With Elizabeth's help during the day, Nahia would recover from her rash pretty fast. This is just an example of the professionalism of Elizabeth and her commitment to children's wellness. To conclude, we are very satisfied with Elizabeth's day care and we will continue to bring our future children to this wonderful daycare.

Aurelie Pierson & Alain Daguerre

My daughter is 9 months old and has been attending Elizabeth's day care for the past couple of months and she LOVES it! She has never cried when I dropped her off or when I picked her up. As all parents, this is the time we dread most.... the separation anxiety our child might have, but with Elizabeth, I know for certain that she is very well taken care of with so much care and effort. There have been times when i picked my daughter up in the evening and she was still reaching to stay with Elizabeth and her daughter Ms. Liz We love that she uses Spanish and English around the children and exposes them to new and different foods as well. She has even found a way to distract my daughter from using a pacifier all day and one time i forgot to pack her "special blanket" and Elizabeth was optimistic that she would be just fine that day... not one complaint or comment in the evening and i was so impressed because my daughter usually has a hard time sleeping without it. There was also a time when my daughter had a bad diaper rash and Elizabeth and her staff helped me treat it with the medication I brought and soft cloth with water. The cutest part off all that I enjoy was picking my daughter up with her hair in pig tails or pony tails and they always have my daughter ready in a fresh diaper before we leave.My daughter gets so much interaction and have fun that i just would not be able to create on my own (example: birthday parties, playing with the other children, activities, etc) I had researched a couple of the day cares in Arlington and Elizabeth's day care is by far the best I have found. I have all wonderful things to say from my experience. They truly love the children as their own !

-Hailey's Mom

Krystal Ambrose


Our son Henry, now 14 months, has been with Elizabeth since he was 3 months old. She and her staff provide a supportive environment and have a genuine affection and concern for the children in their care. When they are present, we have never had a cause for worry. She provides excellent care and we would recommend her highly to others.

Christine Soh


Steven Michael


Elizabeth's daycare is so friendly, kind and supportive of your babies and child's needs. I am so fortunate to have had my daughter there from 4 months old to 4 years of age. Elizabeth, her daughter Elizabeth, and her assistant Elizabeth always took special care of my daughter and was wonderful with communicating with me. I highly recommend Elizabeth's daycare because you will feel at home with them. They always will cook wonderful and healthy meals and make sure your child is learning. They always make meaningful projects to share and make beautiful connections with the children on describing what the purpose of different projects are. My daughter learned about each holiday and they made everything so special. This is truly a special place and I was with them when they made their transition to their beautiful daycare setting now. They worked so diligently through that and took such wonderful care of my child. Their daughter established a close friendship with my daughter. Their new space is beautiful and I am so fortunate to have experienced sending my daughter to Elizabeth's daycare. They will always take wonderful care of your child and make sure he or she is healthy. If your child becomes sick, they will work with you to help you get your child back to feeling better.

I have meaningful relationships with the entire Yanez family and the others that attend her daycare. They are truly a wonderful and special family. 

This is a wonderful place and I highly recommend it. Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] for any other questions.

Karen Fruscio

mother of 4 year old child


My daughter attended Elizabeth's Daycare from the time she was three months old to three years old. She was excited to go to daycare each morning and came home happy. That speaks volumes to the warm, nurturing, and fun environment Elizabeth and her staff provide for the children they care for. As a working parent, it is comforting to know that my child is well taken care of and treated like family each day. Elizabeth is experienced and knowledgeable, and I really feel like she helped raise my child. They recently opened a great new space on their property and started a new preschool curriculum. My husband and I were so impressed with what our daughter was learning (even Spanish!) and we were pleased that outdoor play was a priority. Although we relocated and had to leave Elizabeth's Daycare, my daughter thrived there and made wonderful friends. I highly recommend it!

Catherine Weisel,

January 2015

Aiden attended Elizabeth’s daycare for over 2 years until September 2015 and we have now moved on to a Pre-K program. During this period Elizabeth’s day care provided a warm nourishing and safe environment. He always enjoyed the interaction with all the kids and learned Spanish words. He always enjoyed being dropped off and they could always get him to eat their nutritious home cooked meals. If there was any issue about his care or health Elizabeth communicated with us, and also offered helpful advice on the always ongoing baby issues. They always made an extra effort during holiday times and did extra crafts that Aiden loved to talk about.

In conclusion I would recommend Elizabeths as a secure and loving place for your child to grow. Any questions please call me.

Tricia & Scott Dunn


We have had our son enrolled at Elizabeth's Daycare for 3 & 1/2 years. Over that time we have been able to see his progress as he has moved through the suites. His recent exposure to value words and Spanish words and phrases are appreciated. The teachers is attentive and professional. We are confident that he will do great in Pre K due to Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Liz. Thank you so much!

J. & J. Berman


Elizabeth, Thank you so much for all your help with Liam this year. He had so much fun! I loved hearing about all his activities, especially the trip to Peruvian independence Day! We are sad to go, Good luck with everything! Thank you for running such a great daycare.


Liam, Caroline and Jeremy

We will be moving out of Arlington in November. Unfortunately, this also means that our son will not be able to continue attend Elizabeth's daycare. We should admit that we noticed a lot of good changes in Vedanth including his independence (puts his shoes on, plays by himself and even eats by himself); He also started drinking milk only after he started with Elizabeth's daycare. Looks like he has picked up some Spanish (at least understands the language); He trust Ms Elizabeth and Ms Liz very much. The most important of all, We have been recommending Elizabeth's daycare to anyone we see/ of looking for a daycare. We Thank Elizabeth's daycare very much for the service, and we are sad that we could not have Vedanth in Elizabeth's daycare longer.

Ram Prasad Diwakaran


In my opinion I love Elizabeth's daycare ,not only because she provides the best care but she provides love into work for the children and their needs, she is a great teacher and an excellent cook my son loves her food , Elizabeth's daycare welcomes you with open arms and treats you as if your family she is friendly and her help is awesome! I would recommend Elizabeth's daycare to any of my fellow parents you will not regret it!

Yolanda W

Izaiah mom

I still remember the day when Krish joined Elizabeth's Daycare, he was just learning to walk and now he is almost 3 years old toddler who can talk and understand SPANISH. He was one of the first students in the new location. It was amazing to see him grow in the home like environment and developing healthy eating habits, which I wanted him to have!!

I will highly recommend this daycare for anyone looking for preschool and home like daycare for their babies.

Thank you to Elizabeth N, Miss Alicia and the rest of the staff for taking care of Krish so well !!

Jyoti P


To Elizabeth's Daycare

Ms. Liz Thank you so much for all your support and care for Arjun!

We feel so lucky to have had such a warm and caring place. Wishing you and your family a great holidays 2020!


Arjun, Lai Ying & Gowri

Dear Ms. Liz and the Elizabeth's Daycare team,

In the summer of 2018, our son William started as a three month old baby at Elizabeth's Daycare. From enrollment to his first day, the process to felt easy, manageable and supportive. Throughout William's time at Elizabeth's, he was showered with love and attention from the detail oriented staff. He developed relationships with his teachers and other children. The Elizabeth's Team helped us navigate important developmental milestones and were communicative about his progress. William always slept great at daycare. We had a lot of fun with the curriculum, and William's first word was "agua." We felt lucky that he was embracing learning Spanish.

In the fall of 2019, our second son Miles started at Elizabeth's Daycare. Despite the chaos, we felt really great about leaving both boys with the team at Elizabeth's. They provided daily updates on both boys, and William learned to look in after his younger brother Miles. When I would go to pick them up, Ms. Alisa always helped me bring Wiliam to the car as it was hard to carry them both!

We had to make a change in childcare after the pandemic, but we highly recommend Elizabeth's daycare. They are warm, compassionate, through and the curriculum was great for both William and Miles. 


Molly & Ben Sandrof

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